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Arden has always had his life together, he's a planner, always making sure that his friends and family are looked after and is usually one step ahead of everyone.

That is until something happens which causes Arden to start dropping the ball. It’s nothing serious at first, a missed dinner here, a forgotten bow-tie there.


It may not seem like a lot but it’s enough for his friends to be concerned. They know what’s wrong, however they have no idea how to help.


Until Ella comes along and quite literally puts Arden in his place. She’s the only resident of his new apartment building and they just rub each other the wrong way.


By declaring war on Arden’s perfect exterior Ella didn’t realize she would also be giving him a piece of her heart and Arden never realized this unicorn clad woman would be exactly what he needs.


Arden is book 2 in the New Hope series. It has a HEA and can be read as a standalone, however if you want to get to know Arden and his friends you can read all about them in Chase and the girl who came back.

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