Character Profiles

Yasmin Turner 

  • 18 years old. 5’9”. Slightly frizzy, wavy, chestnut brown hair, usually in a bun. Blue eyes. Bookworm. Introverted. 


  • 18 years old. Dark hair. Deep blue eyes. Slight facial stubble.  

Millie (Mildred) Turner 

  • 15 years old. Chestnut brown hair. Blue eyes. Athletic. 


Arden Blakely 

  • 18 years old. 6’3-6’4. Dirty blond hair. Grey eyes with flecks of blue. Wears designer. Comes from old money. 



  • 18 years old. 5’5. Red hair.  


Rhys Gilmore 

  • Dark and broody. Doesn’t talk much. Mother is the principle. 


Mr. Williams 

  • Homeroom and autobody teacher. Mid 50’s. Short. Dark grey hair. Kind eyes. 


Natalie (Mumma Nat) 

  • Dark blonde should length hair. Deep blue eyes. 


Grandpa Wilson (GW)  

  • Chases grandfather on his fathers side. Enjoys golf. 


Julia Blakely 

  • 15 years old. Blonde hair. Glasses.  



  • Yasmins friend from home. Giant. Size 15 feet. 



  • Tenant at new house in New Hope. Long blonde hair dyed pink on the ends. Wears pink unicorn slippers whenever possible.  



  • Rhys girlfriend. Preppy. Blonde hair.  



  • The Blakelys housekeeper for 20 years. 50 years old.  


David Turner 

  • Yasmin and Millies father. 38 years old. Cop. 



  • Rhys brother. 15 years old. Bad boy.  



  • Bartender. Lives in New Hope. Younger brother of Ralph 



  • Blakelys driver and security. Older brother of Chad. 



  • High-end custom dress maker. Owns her own shop called Giselles. British. Prim and proper.  


Chris Chippendale (Chip) 

  • Owner of Tale as Old as Time bookstore. 


Mrs. Gilmore 

  • School principle. Mother of Rhys.  


Debbie Turner 

  • Yasmin and Millies mother. Drug addict and alcoholic. 


  • Golden labrodoodle. Present from David. Yasmin and Millies dog.